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A contemporary thriller set in the politically contrived chaos that currently grips America. While unknown hands write the words the president struggles so mightily to read on his teleprompter, the nation is plunged into ever increasing mayhem by a cabal of woke socialists who intend to use the chaos they have deliberately created as a pretext to assume power.

Rioting has returned with a vengeance, still supported by politicians convinced that the destruction of America is the necessary first step toward the building of their socialist state. Crime continues rampant, instigated by far-left prosecutors and propelled by left-wing political policies that flood the streets with criminals, and, at the same time, defund and tie the hands of law enforcement.

The border remains open and lawless, controlled by Mexican cartels free to make billions of dollars annually dispensing misery through human and drug trafficking. Once-beautiful cities—now defaced by rioting—have been surrendered to criminals, drug addicts, and the homeless rendering them filthy, unsanitary, dangerous, and uninhabitable. Meanwhile, government presses continue the relentless printing of trillions upon trillions of dollars, creating record inflation and destroying the lives and savings of the citizens that politicians pretend to be serving.

Americans increasingly feel the weight of the tyranny that is descending upon them. They are no longer safe on the streets or in their homes. The judicial system no longer pretends to be fair, favoring criminals over victims and persecuting the political right while ignoring the crimes of the left. At a time when Americans are already losing faith in the election process, the political party that controls the White House and both branches of Congress is once again scheming to take control of the last remaining branch of government by packing the Supreme Court. With control of all three branches of government there will literally be nothing that can stop them—nothing short of civil war.

Against this backdrop, an unlikely hero emerges, a man unjustly arrested and imprisoned as a result of alleged criminal conduct on the Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021. Alex Walker reluctantly assumes the mantle of leadership and begins the task of leading his fellow patriots out of the chaos and back to America.

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